08 Seater MiniBus

8 Seater Minibus

8 Seater Minibus

A minibus is widely regarded as a commercial vehicle and it is a purpose built vehicle for passengers.  However when it comes to the 8 seater range, comparisons can be made to a 7 seater vehicle which is readily available for personal use.  An 8 seater must be differentiated from the larger mini coaches that come in much higher seating capacities.


An 8 seater minibus will come with features such as first aid kit, heating, safety glass, seat belts, CD & radio, safety flooring and full interior.  Other standard features include a 5 speed gearbox, fog lights, standard roof and air conditioning.


The main uses when it comes to an 8 seater are small group bookings such as taxi sharing, drop off services, short journeys and it can also act as an addition to another vehicle hire service.  Rest assured that this is a very cost effective facility and should be used for many functions as long as the required group figures are met.


Many of the 8 seater minibuses come in the range of a ford transit, VW Transporter and also some Renault Trafic versions.  However the type of vehicle will depend on the details of the particular booking.


10 Seater MiniBus

10 Seater Minibus

10 Seater Minibus

A minibus is a purpose built passenger motor vehicle and is sometimes referred to as a mini coach depending on the seating capacity.  This multi use vehicle is different to a bus as it carries less people and hence is smaller in size.  Normally to be classed under this term the seating capacity has to be in the range of eight to thirty people and it is also common for it be low flooring based.  A ten seater vehicle will definitely fit in the category of a minibus instead of a mini coach.


A ten seater minibus will have some basic and necessary facilities on board and these will include wheelchair access, safety glass, a full interior, lighting, side light switches, first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, rear view mirrors, handrails, heating and also ventilation.


Some of the main uses of a ten seater minibus includes airport journeys, family events such as weddings and christenings, short distance travelling such as a drop off and pick up service, a shared taxi services (i.e. instead of booking more than one normal car taxi), a large taxi cab service, removal services, delivery services and also business services for charities and public authorities.  It is widely regarded as a cost effective form of vehicle hire.


12 Seater MiniBus

12 Seater Minibus

12 Seater Minibus

A 12 seater minibus is the next category and has many similar features to a 10 seater vehicle.  Its main uses can include a taxi sharing service as well as an appropriate hire for a special event.  We must differentiate this from the much larger mini coach.


Some of the features you can expect from such a vehicle include electric windows, ABS system, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, CD and MP3 player, traction control, air bags, twin side loading doors and proper disabled facilities.  Minibuses normally come in the form of a diesel heavy duty capacity.  Some of the main manufacturers include Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi and also Toyota.


Further enquiries regarding specific features can be made directly through Edinburgh Minibus and Taxi and we will try to cater for specific needs.


Many groups will use a 12 seater minibus in order to take advantage of the generous inside space.  It has worked well for passengers with a considerable amount of luggage for sports events, airport journeys and also school trips.  A 12 seater minibus will always be considered cost effective and we have had many bookings for various famous Edinburgh sites.  All drivers will come fully equipped and have a license to drive a 12 seater vehicle.


14 Seater MiniBus

14 Seater Minibus

14 Seater Minibus

A 14 seater minibus falls in the mid range category and must be differentiated from the mini coach types.  This is deemed a popular choice as many groups whether it be for birthdays, parties or otherwise are normally of this size.


A minibus is mainly used for public transport and business use.  Although some people will have personal access, most groups will rely on external firms such as ourselves to provide them with a commercial standard minibus for relevant trips and outings.  It is a cost effective way to travel and convenient as well.


Some of the key features you can expect from a 14 seater vehicle are a medium roof, electronic roof and panel, air bags, manual transmission, traction control, CD players, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and also central locking.  Most of the minibuses are diesel powered and many models include the ford transit, Renault and Fiat.  However models may vary depending on circumstances.


As stated, this has been a popular vehicle for bookings and we have found that many organisations such as schools, public authorities and charities have booked this service for short distance visits.  We also experience many stag party bookings, shared taxi services and airport journeys.


16 Seater MiniBus

16 Seater Minbus

16 Seater Minibus

A 16 seater mini bus is a mid category vehicle and is popular with many of our clients.  It has a generous amount of room inside and can easily cater for a smaller to medium sized group.


It remains rare for someone to own such a vehicle as it is mainly for professional use.  We can provide you with the relevant minibus with each booking and make sure that certain features are present such as full safety, licensed drivers, no smoking signs, emergency exit doors, electronic windows and also child booster seats.  One of the most popular ranges of such a vehicle comes in the form of a Ford Transit, although manufacture type will depend on the type of booking.  Most of the minibuses are powered by diesel and must be differentiated from the much larger coach service.


We have found that many bookings for such a vehicle have been carried out for airport transfers, short to medium range journeys and also family events such as christenings and birthdays.  They have also been used for taxi sharing and part removals due to the size and we continue to take such bookings.


24 Seater MiniBus

24 Seater Minibus

24 Seater Minibus

A 24 seater minibus is one of the largest vehicles that can be categorised as a minibus, considering that this vehicle range comes in the 8 to 30 seater capacities.  In terms of appearance you can expect a large vehicle with its very own features.


Some of the features will include above par cabin, extra comfort, good entertainment system, large room for luggage storage and transfer.  Air conditioning is a must and all safety features in tact.  Common features such as robust body-side, slip resistant flooring, insulation, fire extinguisher, rear glass door, side lighting and first aid kit can be expected as well.  In the past we have supplied Mercedes Benz vehicles in this category, but each vehicle will depend on the circumstances.


Please note that a 24 seater will probably not be large enough to accommodate an onboard toilet and sink basin.


Some of the main uses for a 24 seater minibus are medium sized group events, school runs, club runs, camping holidays, mid distance travelling, charity functions and also business visits.  Many of our clients have benefited from booking this cost effective service instead of a much larger mini coach.