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24 Seater Minibus

24 Seater MiniBus

A 24 seater minibus is one of the largest vehicles that can be categorised as a minibus, considering that this vehicle range comes in the 8 to 30 seater capacities.  In terms of appearance you can expect a large vehicle with its very own features.   Some of the features will include above par cabin, …

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14 Seater Minibus

14 Seater MiniBus

A 14 seater minibus falls in the mid range category and must be differentiated from the mini coach types.  This is deemed a popular choice as many groups whether it be for birthdays, parties or otherwise are normally of this size.   A minibus is mainly used for public transport and business use.  Although some …

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10 Seater Minibus

10 Seater MiniBus

A minibus is a purpose built passenger motor vehicle and is sometimes referred to as a mini coach depending on the seating capacity.  This multi use vehicle is different to a bus as it carries less people and hence is smaller in size.  Normally to be classed under this term the seating capacity has to …

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8 Seater Minibus

08 Seater MiniBus

A minibus is widely regarded as a commercial vehicle and it is a purpose built vehicle for passengers.  However when it comes to the 8 seater range, comparisons can be made to a 7 seater vehicle which is readily available for personal use.  An 8 seater must be differentiated from the larger mini coaches that …

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