16 Seater MiniBus

16 Seater Minbus

16 Seater Minibus

A 16 seater mini bus is a mid category vehicle and is popular with many of our clients.  It has a generous amount of room inside and can easily cater for a smaller to medium sized group.


It remains rare for someone to own such a vehicle as it is mainly for professional use.  We can provide you with the relevant minibus with each booking and make sure that certain features are present such as full safety, licensed drivers, no smoking signs, emergency exit doors, electronic windows and also child booster seats.  One of the most popular ranges of such a vehicle comes in the form of a Ford Transit, although manufacture type will depend on the type of booking.  Most of the minibuses are powered by diesel and must be differentiated from the much larger coach service.


We have found that many bookings for such a vehicle have been carried out for airport transfers, short to medium range journeys and also family events such as christenings and birthdays.  They have also been used for taxi sharing and part removals due to the size and we continue to take such bookings.